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Home Comfort DVD

The future of recorded music is VIDEO. I make my living as an engineer using computer aided design and the internet. A few visits to youtube showed me the possibilities of home video and music recording. A few months later my son Jesse got a video camera and we recorded quite a few videos for youtube. Most of the youtube videos use the soundtrack from the camera which is not the best. I simultaneously recorded stereo audio tracks to my computer when we were doing the videos. I took my good stereo sound and put it with the original video - synchronized and all like that - and put the best tunes on to my DVD "Home Comfort". It was recorded in my kitchen in front of my Home Comfort wood fired cook stove.

I will soon try to link to new youtube videos with cuts from the DVD with the better recorded sound tracks. The DVD is $10 plus shipping. Thanks for looking and listening...

Home Comfort DVD Home Comfort DVD

You may purchase this DVD for $10

"John's Minor Blues"
"Coffee and Tylenol"


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